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Welcome to mobilefreechat

Mobilefreechat is new service for your mobile phone.
This service allows you to send and receive messages to a group of people without the need of a PC or Laptop!

You are able to chat wherever you are!
In School, with your friends, traveling, at station, on airport wherever you are want.
Mobilefreechat is easy to use, only few steps are necessary to start your chat.



Advantages of mobilefreechat
  1. cheap mobile communication (only costs for GPRS Dataservices)
  2. Communication with multiple participants at the same time.
  3. Interesting Discussiongroups are provided from us.
  4. It gives you a lot of fun, really more than SMS messages!

Send captured pictures from your camera phone to your friends in the channel.


You have to execute only the following steps to start your mobile chat.


The following Requirements must be complied, to be able to use the service provided by mobilefreechat:

  • Your mobilephone provider supports Dataconnections over GPRS
  • Your mobile phone support JAVA (MIDP-2.0)! applications e.g. following models from SonyErricsson (all K700,all S700, all K500, all K750,D750i,all W800, K600i,V600i,all W550) Nokia 6680 and much models from other leading manufacturer.
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